5 Proven Ways to Become a Better Job Candidate

Job Candidate

There is a thin line between appearing in the interview and landing a job. Some candidates get a call after interview from the prospective employers but some not. This difference comes to missing some essential things that make a better job candidate. If you have not interview skills, job skills then there are more chances to missing the better job opportunity.

If you are a job seeker then you should try to become deserve or better job candidate for the job post you applied or going to apply. You should be well familiar with the selection process of the company or organization. It will help you to secure your seat in the company.

If you have sent resume to numerous recruiters or employers to find the dream job but not receiving a call back means it is the time to become a better job candidate. Here are five proven ways that help to land a dream job.

  1. Resume format: There are different types of the resume like a chronological resume, targeted resume, functional resume, combination resume etc. These different types of resume have the different format on the basis of purpose. You should choose format and type of the resume that best fit for the dream job. You can use reverse chronological resume format if you are looking for a new job in the same industry in which you are already working. As this format helps to explain work experience first.
  2. Increase interview skills: These days interview is an essential step of the selection process. It is conducted to judge job seeker thoroughly. You should try increase interview skills and prepare some common questions like tell me about yourself, why should we hire you, what are your strengths and weaknesses etc. These are very common interview question but the right answer of these questions can secure your place in the company.
  3. Read job description thoroughly: A number of job seekers don’t read the job description thoroughly and apply for the job. Even they don’t read mandatory requirements. It makes them part of the crowd. It is essential to improve your job search ability and read all things related with job carefully before sending resume to the employer.
  4. Increase job skills: Job skills are the foundation of the career building. Employers give preference to the candidates who have some essential job skills like communication skills, leadership, strong work values, teamwork, time management skills etc. You should mention these skills in the resume to grab the job post.
  5. Identify right job: There are thousands of job available in the industry that you want to join but it is important to apply for the job based on your skills. If you are specialized in any field then should give preference to your specialized field. It will make you deserve candidate for the skills based or specialized job.

There is no ready-made road map to become a better job candidate for all jobs, companies and industries. It varies jobs to jobs and requirements but basic things apply for all jobs and industries. So, you can follow these ways to make you a better candidate for the next job.

How to Find Your Dream Job?

How to Find Your Dream Job

Most of the job seekers think that job sites are the easiest place to find a dream job. They spend a lot of time on these sites on the basis of this perception and send resume to a number of employers without knowing employer’s response. To find a dream job, effective job search and strategy is essential. You can find your desirable job and walk on dream career path just following these steps.

1. Job search criteria: Your dream job may be related to salary, job position or company culture. So, you should figure out your job search priorities and make a list of top five priorities. It will save your time that most of the candidates spend to find out the jobs. It might be that you get success to secure your place in dream company but job position is not that you want. In such cases, you should increase your skills and fulfill other parameters that can assist you to get that position in the future.

2. List of jobs: You should make a list of companies and jobs that match your criteria. This list can be used to keep the record of job searched. You can use excel spreadsheet to create a list of jobs. It will save your time during the job search.

3. Read the job description carefully: Reading full job description while searching jobs take much time. Even though it saves your much time that you spend to apply for the jobs. If you did not read job description in detail then you can apply for the jobs that do not meet your criteria or you do not deserve candidate for that job. You should carefully go through to the mandatory requirements of the job because companies do not provide relaxation on mandatory requirements.

4. Customize CV or resume: You should customize your resume according to the job position and company. Customizing cover letter may be additional step to find a dream job. You should have multiple version of the CV according to companies and job profiles.

5. Referral network: Most of the companies do not advertise job openings. These companies prefer to referred candidates. In such cases, attend career seminars, industry conferences and training sessions can help you. You can tell friends that you are looking for jobs and email resume to the friends who are already in jobs. These days most of the companies are hiring candidates who are referred by their employees or from reliable sources due to new candidates’ stability in the organization.

6. Use social media: These days social media has become all in one online platform to connect with each other. Some companies are using this platform to hire employees. In this row, LinkedIn is leading. These companies share new job openings on its official social media page/profile. You should regularly visit social profiles and pages of the dream company to grab the new opportunity as it opens.

However, there is no magic bullet or hard and fast path to find a dream job but following above mention steps can help you. You should focus on the quality job search that takes less time over quantity job search that waste much time.