How to Make an Effective Resume?


A resume is an application for a dream job. It should be so effective that recruiter would feel great pleasure to hand over offer letter to you. A resume is a marketing document that helps you to sell your experience, talents, qualification to the prospective employer. There is a long list of to do things to make a resume effective but we have summarized the most important things for you. These are given below:

Format of the resume: “First impression is the last impression” this proverb applies in resume writing as well. There are numerous resume templates available over the internet but you should not use the same template for different jobs. Selection of the resume format should be based on job requirement and profile so that you could include all necessary things relevant with the job profile.

Personal details: This section helps recruiters to get more information about you. Generally, personal details section includes name, address, date of birth, mobile/phone number and email id. A photograph is not compulsory; you can use it according to job profile and requirements. It is optional.

Education: It is the most important section of the resume. Your academic records help a recruiter to take the decision about your selection. Therefore you should include all basic information related to education in your resume. The most common elements of the education section in the resume are the name of the institutes (schools, colleges, university), period and degree, diploma, certificates that you received.

Experience: It does not apply to all jobs but is the most essential where the employer needs experienced candidates. It might be that you have experience but not related with current job profile, therefore you must categorize experience as related and additional. The most recent and related job experience should come first. The basic details of experience should come as company or organization name, period, designation and location.

Skills: It is the selling point of the resume, therefore you must be more careful to write skills in the resume. You can separate skills as technical, non-technical and additional. It may be the milestone for you if you have numerous skills related with applied job profile. You should not mention skills just to impress employer or recruiter. You should have adequate skill based data to convince recruiter with evidence.

References: To add references may be beneficial for experienced candidates but is optional for fresher job seekers. If you have more references to show in the resume then give preference to only two or three.

Items to avoid:

Grammar and spelling mistakes: An effective resume is grammar and spelling mistake free. If your resume has these mistakes then you may be rejected at the initial stage. These mistakes create a perception in recruiter’s mind about you.

Political affiliations: You should not mention your political affiliations in the resume. It may be a reason to screen you out. If the recruiter asks about your political affiliations then you should be neutral.